Another application for my design skills is real estate staging. When I started Curated by Ellen, every person I described my business to would first say, “There is such a need for that! What a great idea,” followed by, “Do you do real estate staging?” I understood the connection, but the idea of designing a house for anyone, rather than for clients with specific needs and desires, was not all that appealing. My goal with Curated by Ellen is to make my clients feel at home, surrounded by their own sense of style, curated and arranged by me. Anonymous buyers didn’t seem like a great fit. I have come to realize, styling a house just enough for a potential homeowner to feel “at home” in a new listing is very closely connected with my mission. I work with realtors and their clients to set a stage for target buyers to imagine themselves living in the space and eventually making it their own. Updating, refreshing and decluttering are the focus; multiple offers in record time is the goal. Often the outcome is a design project in the sellers’ new homes!

To view transformations of the spaces, please move the slider below (Before shots are on the left, After shots are on the right)